• JMS Teams With Manley Labs

    The MANLEY brand has been around since the late 1980's. Manley's first
    commercially available products were upper echelon high-fidelity vacuum
    tube amplifiers and pre-amplifiers constructed at the old Vacuum Tube Logic
    of America factory. JMS is proud to partner with this prestigious line!

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  • Triad-Orbit

    TRIAD-ORBIT represents a quantum leap in the evolution of the microphone stand. Every industry-standard component, from stand bases to mic clips, was analyzed and reinvented to realize a singular objective: precise mic placement without compromise.

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  • Laserworld

    Laserworld is a fast-growing company and a worldwide important supplier of showlaser systems.
    We have a very wide product range starting with low priced and small devices up to high end laser
    systems for highest demands.

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  • EPSILON - Mini Z-Beam

    The Mini Z-Beam is the first ultra-compact high-intensity 80 watt Zoom LED Beam Moving Head
    fixture which features: 5 Osram 12 watt 4-IN-1 (Red, Green, Blue, White) Flicker Free LEDs in a
    professional compact yet easy to carry design that delivers a big punch

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  • ZOOM - Q8 Recorder

    The Q8 delivers that same great Zoom sound quality you’ll find in all of our products, with support for high-resolution 24-bit/96kHz audio. It comes with a high-quality detachable X/Y microphone or you can connect different Zoom mic capsule

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  • GENELEC - 8351 Monitor System

    The unconventional and delightfully compact 8351A Acoustically Coaxial Smart Active Monitor (SAM™)
    is a revolutionary achievement in three-way monitor design.

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JMS Marketing

JMS Marketing is an aggressive service-oriented rep firm that covers the Pro Audio/Video, Sound/Lighting Contractor and Musical Instrument markets.

mick_homeWe have been conducting business in Texas, Oklahoma, Arkansas, Louisiana, Kansas, Missouri, Iowa and Nebraska, as well as in Mexico.

The far-reaching database of contacts we’ve assembled is constantly expanding as JMS Marketing continues to grow. We offer extensive territorial coverage with full time reps on the road and full time staff in the main office including two full time telemarketing people all coordinated by our sales manager. This mix of personnel provides us with considerable service and product knowledge both on the road and in the office.

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  • Danley - sm panel

  • Seymour Dirty Deeds sm Panel

  • Triad Orbit Small Slider

  • Mogami smPanel

  • Ashly nX Amplifiers

  • Pioneer - WeGO2 sm panel

  • Zildjian Small Slider

  • Luna Vista Series smPanel

  • Tonical Small Slider

  • Genelec Music Creation Panel

  • B-52 ActPro Small Slider


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